Learning institutions throughout California have a number of Division of the State Architect (DSA) projects that have never been properly closed out and certified. In an attempt to give institutions incentive to close-out legacy projects, the DSA is not approving any new projects in buildings that were not previously closed out properly. This has resulted in architects and institutions often being surprised when they submit new projects to the DSA for approval and receive a rejected application.

To help streamline this process, AIMCS provides direction to Owners as to the procedures and coordination required to obtain Division of the State Architect (DSA) Certification and project closure. We have designed our process to be project specific and is a supplement to School District(s) Policy and Procedure relating to Contract Closeout. Project closure includes securing all deliverables from the Construction Contractor and Design Agent for both on-site and off-site work and fiscal closure of all agreements between the District and others related to the project. AIMCS staff are experts in

developing and maintaining project records in an organized chronological sequence of a project to attain DSA Project Close-out. AIMCS has experience working with the DSA department called the A1 Close-out team which deals specifically with older DSA projects and assists in the process of certification and closeout.