The future is here, bringing with it ever-quickening changes in the technology we use in the way we do business. At AIM Consulting Services, we stay on top of these changes by evolving and diversifying our services. Finding solutions through innovation has been our tenet since our founding.

Today we offer our clients full service-that means in additions to traditional program management of projects through design, bid and award and construction, we develop partnerships and strategic alliances to build teams to undertake projects for successful completion.  

AIM Consulting Services talented personnel and resources bring to each project an array of skills, knowledge and technologies. With all of our diversities, we share the vision of serving our clients as the single point of contact to see a project through from conception to completion.

Planning for success

Through careful master planning, site development and operations planning, AIM Consulting Services identifies and addresses challenges to give clients the foundation to help them achieve their short and long term goals. Our wide ranging assignments include planning for medical facilities, probation facilities, animal care facilities, rail facilities, airport facilities, park facilities, courthouses, fire stations and sheriff stations.

AIM Consulting Services planners use computer technology to move beyond the present to plan for the future. Our expertise in use of project management software enables our clients to see into the future and examine the impact of capital improvement programs and changes in delivery methods. This helps decision makers to make cost-effective decisions and maximize efficiency of their future operations.  


One firm, One team

Clients are increasingly turning to AIM Consulting Services as a cost effective alternative to meet their construction needs. We manage these programs seamlessly because our dedicated construction management team can call upon the resources of engineering and architectural experts.  

We bring to every project our understanding of the design, procurement and construction process as well as the client’s operational needs. AIM Consulting Services offers program development, planning and management; complete construction management oversight; quality control, and procurement management. These services benefit from our collective experience in managing people, quality, costs and time in a safe, secure construction environment.

  • Develop Program Feasibility Studies
  • Manage the execution of Master Plan at Program and Project Levels
  • Manage all phases of Project Execution; Conceptual, Feasibility, Preliminary Engineering, Final Design, Bid & Award, Construction, & Closeout
  • Manage Project Execution thru variety methods of delivery: Design/Bid/Build, Design/Build, JOC, Multiple Primes & CM-at-Risk
  • Effective Coordination with Client, Agencies, and Stakeholders
  • Manage and Resolve Contractual Impacts: Change Orders, Claims Mitigation, Claims Avoidance


AIM Consulting Services provides cost estimating services for all phases of the planning, design, and construction of projects providing detailed and independent cost estimates. AIM Consulting Services has the capability to perform comprehensive cost estimating at any point during the project and at any level of detail required.

We know the importance of accurate cost estimates during all phases of design and the development of

effective bid documents. AIM Consulting Services produces accurate cost estimates by applying current

construction cost data and practices.

  • Develop and establish program and project budgets
  • Validation of Engineer’s Estimate
  • Project Detailed Takeoffs
  • Total Project Estimates (Hard and Soft Costs)
  • Value Engineering/Change Order Work


AIM Consulting Services recognizes that schedule control is an essential element for the successful execution of any project. Utilizing the most current software applications, we generate projects schedules implementing custom project logic to provide monthly updates that reflect changes and

current schedule status. AIMCS develops monthly design schedules and detail construction schedules for updates into program Master Schedule enabling custom reporting for field personal to upper management.

  • P3, P3e, P6, Sure Track, & Microsoft Project
  • Cost resource loaded baseline schedules which meet 01310 Specification requirements.
  • Monthly Update development and review
  • Time Impact Delay Analysis


AIM Consulting Services is unique in our ability to provide special deputy inspection services for private residential and commercial construction, public works

construction, school building construction, hospital building construction, and highway

construction, among others.

Our vast resources of special deputy inspectors hold multiple certifications from City or County jurisdictions and nationally recognized certification agencies.

Our inspection services include:

DSA Project Inspectors, 

OSHPD Inspector of Record (IOR), and Public Works (ICC/ICBO).


Moving beyond the Standard AIM Consulting Services moves beyond standard services by delivering the skills and technological expertise that enable our clients to conduct business more efficiently. We help them procure a better product, manage their projects, and ultimately serve their customers better through asset management,

interactive documentation, computer simulation, and equipment procurement oversight and technical support.

Computerized program management and cost management applications combined with our expertise enables clients to better manage their resources. We develop policies and procedures and online documentation that can be used for product enhancement, operation, maintenance and training.

We also use computer technology to help clients plan for the future. Our computer simulations enable clients to determine their schedule and cost forecasts, identify critical areas and

then prioritize improvements.